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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Deb Frisch Manure Duty 2009!



Eugene (Mar 24)--In a whiny email to a Lane County official,
Little Miss Debbie objected
to her imminent stint at the Lane
County Wastewater Management Department amounted to
a "violation of civi[LOL] rights."

"I am terrified to report back tomorrow at 7:30," shuddered
teh deb, "because I am afraid of this assignment, based on
what I have heard about it."

"Prisoners," Debbie yammered, "are forced to walk through
human feces and syringes. They are exposed to rabid rats
and skunks....They are forced to interact with rotting skunk
corpses. These are violations of people's civil rights."

No, Miss Debbie. In this case, teh punishment is fitting teh
crime. After all teh feces you've spewed on your blog. After
all teh rotting stink you've spewed in public, it's about time
you get a taste of your own medicine!

In other news, teh American Corpses' Civil Liberty Union
signaled that they intended to file suit against teh City of

"It's an abomination for innocent corpses to be exposed to
Deb Frisch!" wailed I.B. Ded, zombie counsel to teh ACCLU.
"Her presence violates teh dignity of honorably rotting
corpses everywhere!"

Teh National Council of Rabid Rats and Transnational
Emissaries for Respecting Defecations signaled their
intent to file amicus curae briefs in favor of teh ACCLU's

And she claims all of this is retribution for her being a "whistleblower"?

Well, 'whistleblower' in the sense that she's a stalker who assaults people.

Daily Squeak, your coverage of this ongoing train wreck is worthy of a Pulitzer.
^nah. Teh Daily Squeak isn't revealing secrets that will help our enemies.

As for the "whistleblower" line, it is obvious that she has not learned her lesson.
Oh, and two words for Miss Debbie:

Man up, Buttercup.

Wait, that's three words. You got a free word, Debnack. That extra word will go nicely with your syringes.
Her caliming to be the equivalent of Lech Walesa is an insult to those who did suffer for speaking their minds, and not for getting drunk and assaulting people.

Also, why is it I am reminded of Homer Simpson's claim that he was a political prisoner when he was in the lock-up at Itchy and Scratchy Land?
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