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Monday, March 23, 2009


Deb Frisch ROAD CREW Sentence 2009


Eugene (Mar 23)--Mockery and laughter gripped Gerbil Nation
over teh weekend
, as Little Miss Debbie's first day of Road Crew
approached Monday.

This will be Frisch's first day of actual work since losing her job
at teh University of Arizona in 2006. Frisch was forced to resign
after threatening a toddler online

Frisch failed to learn teh consequences of her actions. In teh last
32 months, Miss Debbie has remained an unemployed lazybones
quaffing Schlitz and stuffing her face with Cheez Doodles.

Today, she begins to reap teh consequences of her sloth, stalking,
and harassment of innocent citizens
. The closest she'll come to
Schlitz and Cheez Doodles today is bound to be teh spent wrappers
and cans she picks up from teh side of teh road.

Gerbils everywhere clapped and squeaked at Teh Deb's first taste
of teh legal Whoopass--and hoped for plenty MOAR in teh future.


Let us hope no used diapers were discarded along Lane County's hiways and byways!

Poor, poor Deb. Her life suxors big time, and no relief in sight. Nothing we could do to her is worse than what she does to herself.


"Let us hope no used diapers were discarded along Lane County's hiways and byways!"

[Asks innocently] Why?

It's only fitting that Frisch should pick-up substances which closely resemble that which she's been spewing for more than 2.5 years.

One can only imagine how she's getting along with her cow-workers...major LULZ potential there.
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