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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Eugene (Feb 16)--You just can't make this ish up.

Deborah Frisch lied in a motion filed in Federal Court today. In it, Frisch
Here's a screencap of an excerpt from Deborah Frisch's outlandish lying document:

Stupidly, Deb Frisch not only filed this false memorandum--she filed it
Also stupidly, Teh Deb is turning her harassment toward teh judge magistrate overseeing Frisch's case. Frisch's harassment has, thus far, led teh judge to issue DumDeb a STFU order (on November 30th) and block DumDeb's email address from receiving Frisch's harassing emails (on January 7th).


Thursday, February 11, 2010



EWEGENE (Feb 11)--In papers filed by Teh Deb in Federal
Court yesterday, we find this amusing nugget:

"Due to the very sensitive nature of these allegations,
left Courtroom Deputy [REDACTED] a voicemail
message at
3:00 p.m. yesterday [Feb. 9] asking him to
produce the email,
if it existed..."

Of course, Frisch's contact of a member of the Federal Judge's
staff violates a STFU order teh judge issued Frisch last November,
which forbade Frisch from "communicat[ing] directly with any
of my chambers staff...by e-mail, typed or written correspondence,
by telephone, or in any fashion..."

Frisch's "allegations"--teh flimsy pretext for Dummy Debbie's
latest harassment of the judge's staff--include her laughable
denial of sending a vulgar email which got Frisch pwned last month.

(For teh record, Frisch's denial rings as hollowly as her limp-lobed
cranium. Deb Frisch's history of harassing officers of teh court is
a matter of official public record. Frisch has also attempted to deny
posting libelous/harassing notes to teh internet before--only to be
quickly pwned by IP records proving her involvement.

Frisch's latest burst of batsh*t crayzee appears to be related to
a Chief Federal Judge's dismissal of Lane County as a defendant
in Deborah Frisch's frivolous lawsuit
. Earlier this week, Miss
Debbie briefly posted a blog libeling teh Magistrate overseeing
Frisch's lolsuit
. Her unhinged mental state has also been frequently
splattered across Facebook.

(screencap below)

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Sunday, February 07, 2010


Deb Frisch Stupor Bowl Sunday 2010


Eugene (Feb 6-7)--When you follow teh Debbie Frisch trainwreck,
you're bound to smite your brow from time to time, murmuring

So it happened when a tipster pointed out these two Facebook
postings by Deborah Frisch
--two thinly-veiled attempts to
panhandle for booze. (Screencap below)

Debbie's very public begging act is as unsurprising as it is reckless.

Unsurprising, since readers of Teh Squeak will remember that
Frisch--who has been unemployable since pissing away her job in
--went on food stamps last year, and has resorted to begging
to supplement her trickling cash flow

Reckless, since readers of Teh Squeak will ALSO remember that
Deb Frisch is under a "no alcohol" order as a condition of her
, in connection with Frisch's criminal conviction for
drunkenly assaulting an innocent woman in November 2008

(Frisch has been using Facebook for purposes of stalking, harassment
and vulgarity since last summer.)

Thursday, February 04, 2010


Lane County DISMISSED From Deb Frisch Frivolous Lawsuit!!

Eugene (Feb 2)--Teh Chief Judge of a Federal District Court gave Deborah Frisch a long-expected pwning today.

In a judgment handed down in Federal Court, Lane County has been DISMISSED as a defendant in Dummy Debbie's frivolous lolsuit. Teh move upholds a magistrate judge's Nov. 23rd recommendation.

Teh judgment leaves Springfield and teh City of Eugene as defendants. Teh magistrate judge recommended, on January 7th, that Springfield be dismissed from teh frivolous lolsuit. So, if teh Court proceeds as it did regarding Lane County, Springfield will also be dismissed from Frisch's frivolous lolsuit. And soon.

This would leave teh City of Eugene as teh sole remaining defendants. So far, teh City filed an answer to Frisch's frivolous allegations on August 17. They haven't (yet) filed any further paperwork--though they have signaled their intention to sock Teh Deb with any legal fees her frivolous lolsuit has caused.


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