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Monday, April 12, 2010



Eugene, OR (Apr 12)--Deborah Frisch had a temper tantrum on her blog (and Facebook) this weekend, shortly after being denied entrance to a dance at a drinking establishment.

Debbie, hoping that people had forgotten her 2009 criminal conviction, tried to attend a Hot Flash dance at The City Nightclub in Eugene on Saturday night.

Observant organizers of the dance recalled that Debbie's probation terms, which runs through 2012, bar her access to drinking-establishments. Debbie was wisely barred entry to teh club.

Teh Deb responded to the event as she usually does: with impotent rage and toothless threats of lawsuits.

(Frisch is scheduled to be deposed Thursday, in connection with her frivolous lolsuit against teh City of Eugene. Judges have already denied Frisch's further complaints, deeming them "frivolous and futile" Eugene city attorneys have also mocked Debbie's meaningless "Tort Claims Notices" in court-papers. This leaves Teh Deb helpless to harass peeps in court, since Deborah Frisch lacks the funds to file civil complaints without teh Court's permission.)

Frisch continued her tirade through Sunday, when one of her targets filed a police report and told Debbie to STFU! or face MOAR criminal harassment/stalking charges.

Frisch's tantrum petered out, soon after.

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Little Deb's temper tantrum on her blog and Facebook was nothing compared to her nearly violent behavior and her onslaught of vulgarities and hate-mouthing of the dance organizer and the owner of The City Nightclub, which continued for well over 5 minutes. It was the most indecent and offensive behavior I've ever witnessed. I have to say the owner and the manager maintained incredible restraint after being attacked so viciously. I couldn't even get in the door with her big mouth and arms flailing about. Her face was beet red and she looked as if she would have an aneurysm at any moment. Too bad she didn't, it would be a blessing not to have her fouling our air.
Video has been found.

I'm still negotiating for publishing rights.

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