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Sunday, May 30, 2010


Eugene (May 28)--Teh lawyer for teh City of Eugene (and two police officers) filed a long-awaited Motion for Summary Judgment against Deb Frisch's frivolous lawsuit on Friday.

In it, City of Eugene adduced ironclad facts and evidence, which show that Dummy Debbie lied her azz off in her
lawsuit against teh City. Specifically, City of Eugene (and EPD police officers) provided excerpts of transcripts from Deborah Frisch's criminal trial (March 4, 2009). These showed, overwhelmingly, that:

After a year of LOLs, Debbie's frivolous lolsuit seems to be on its last rickety legs. Within teh next two weeks, Debbie will owe a reply to City of Eugene's Motion. Then, teh Magistrate Judge (and District Judge) can render their verdict. Teh smart money says that Debbie's lolsuit will soon be ass-booted out of court--just like teh court dismissed Frisch's complaints against City of Springfield and Lane County in February.

So, is this Teh Beginning of Teh End--or just Teh End of Teh Beginning? Even after Debbie's main lawsuit is nuked, a pair of straggling issues may call for further litigation:
So, even after Debbie's lawsuit is shown the trash-can, there still could be MONTHS of chances to point and laugh at Debbie Frisch, the poo-flinging monkey.

Stay tuned!


At least this all keeps her occupied with something less hideous than her other... nasty internet proclivities.
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