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Friday, May 07, 2010



Eugene (May 6)--In her
desperate attempt to avoid
over $500 of sanctions for
illegally evading her April 15th
mandatory deposition
, Deborah
Frisch is taking increasingly
unhinged actions.

On Thursday, Dummy Debbie sent a paranoid email
to City of Eugene attorneys, who are decimating Debbie's
frivolous lawsuit in federal court. This is teh text of teh
email, according to source(s) requesting anonymity:

May 7, 2010

cc: [REDACTED--list includes Eugene and
police officers, and an attorney
at the Dept of Justice]

This is a public records
for any and all publicly available
email correspondence between [REDACTED]

and the cyber-stalkers who maintain a website
to cause me reputational and physical
damages including
but not limited to
debfrischtimeline@gmail.com. Based on the
information that [REDACTED] (against whom

I tried and failed to obtain a stalking petition
in 2008 and
whose harassment and menacing
has escalated as the result
of the defamation
of character
and perjury by [REDACTED], due
to the sexism and pseudo-intellectualism of
LCCC token
n-word [REDACTED]) and others
have about my case, I am
concerned that
[REDACTED] has been in contact with named

or unnamed others regarding my case.
provide to me any and all correspondence
known address:
[REDACTED]) and between
[REDACTED] and anyone regarding
my case.
That is, please execute a search in the database
your infirm firm's emails to find messages that
refer to me.


Deborah Frisch,
Eugene, OR USDC-OR

P.S. Also please provide me any correspondence
in Colorado. [REDACTED] has
repeatedly filed fraudulent
motions in Denver
Colorado Springs and is an associate of
[REDACTED], who also enjoys lying to law
about me. Due to the malpractice
was emboldened
to escalate his harassment of me on behalf
Mr. and Mrs. [REDACTED]
of Denver. Long story.
When [REDACTED] said "Hey, my wife's name is
Deb!" I
thought he meant he was gonna fight for
me but what he
really meant was that he was
gonna screw me. Oops.

In sum, Little Miss Debbie is fantasizing a WORLD WIDE
CONSPIRACY! has led to her persistent troubles. Frisch
seems to forget how she's teh sole cause of her waste of
a life:

*Debbie chose to threaten a 2-year-old over teh internet,
thus costing Debbie her job in 2006.

*Debbie chose to harass and stalk an innocent victim in 2006,
thus causing her first arrest in 2006.

*Debbie chose to assault an innocent victim in 2008, thus
causing her criminal conviction in 2009 (and her probation-term
until 2011).

*Debbie chose to file a hideously frivolous federal lawsuit in 2009,
thus causing innocent defendants to defend against her attempt
to bully them in court.

*Debbie chose to hide from her mandatory deposition on April
, thus causing the sanctions which will soon deep-six her
already-empty bank account.

Yep, as usual, Debbie trumpets her ignorance of personal
responsibility and cause-and-effect.

And, very soon, Debbie's willful ignorance will cost her dearly
--and lulzily.

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Oh, my. Poor girl needs to be sectioned. Something's just not right in her pointed little head.
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