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Thursday, June 11, 2015


90+ Days SUSPENDED on False Report Charge, Probation Viol'n 
Eyewitness Interview with TRIXTER LOM

EUGENE, OR (June 10): Two months after her arrest on new criminal charges (and violating the conditions of her 2-year probation sentence), Oregon criminal 1675174 now has another Class A Misdemeanor on her record--and a 90+day suspended jail sentence hanging over her head should she misbehave again.

In a court hearing Wednesday, Deborah Ellen Frisch surrendered to the inevitable, but not before hilariously trying to play lawyer.

Teh Daily Squeak was fortunate to have an eyewitness to teh clusterphuque yesterday, and agreed to an interview (where smoking was permitted).

Interview with: Trixter Lom, Intrepid Reporter

Teh Daily Squeak: So, Trixter, what was the atmosphere in the hearing-room? 

Trixter Lom: Very uncomfortable.Only a handful of people at first. Waiting around.
Plus, that attempted child-molester from Wales had a hearing. What a circus!

Squeak: Since Debbie has the mind of a three-year-old, the waiting must have grated on her.

Trix: Of course! There was an elderly lawyer there, with a younger female protege (I gathered).
Debbie imposed herself on them. "Are prosecutors always this late?!" And so on. Then Debbie
barked at someone not to sit next to her: "I'M REPRESENTING MYSELF!!" she wailed.

Squeak: Typical Debbie. She has an obese sense of entitlement. 

Trix: So at last, the hearing starts. Everything was pretty much in order. The District Attorney
said he was ready for trial. But Frisch was willing to plea no contest or guilty. The judge started
listing the conditions of Debbie's new sentence: 90 days in jail suspended. Complete her
psych treatment. Must cease phone and email contact with people when ordered to do so--

Squeak: Weird. That's already a crime in Oregon--in fact, Debbie was arrested for that back
in 2006. Telephonic harassment. Stalking. Then again, I guess packing it into the probation-
conditions would make it easier to hold Debbie accountable if she resumes her stalk-harass-
threaten-ing habits...[Editor's Note: Indeed, the Deschutes DA later emailed a list of unknown
would-be victims of Debbie, letting them know that, if Debbie persisted in her criminal 
harassment behavior, "appropriate actions" would be taken]

Trix: So the judge is listing these conditions (15 days suspended jail-sentence on the probation-
violation, no-contact conditions...) when Debbie starts barking.

Squeak: Typical Debbie: always reading to snatch a bigger defeat from the jaws of a more 
modest defeat. So how did wannabe lawyer Debbie perform? 

Trix: Judge had to order her, repeatedly, not to interrupt. And STAND when you're addressing
the court.

Squeak: Headline: "Debbie Lacks First Clue of Lawyering"--that'd be a good headline...
except it's not exactly news to anyone...

Trix: So Debbie wants to know if the judge read her "motion." Yes, the judge answered.

Squeak: Did the judge actually answer without laughing? If so, the honorable Judge H. deserves herself
a medal.

Trix: The judge was amazingly patient with Debbie. The prosecutors, too.

Squeak: The fact that Debbie wasn't slapped in jail on Contempt of Court is evidence of superhuman restraint, on their part. 
Not to mention suspending the jail sentence.

Trix: Anyhow, so Debbie was disturbing the proceedings--even accusing the judge of "perjury" and calling things "moot"--

Squeak: As if Debbie has the first clue what those legal terms actually mean--

Trix: The judge decided to defer Frisch's case to the end of the session. She told Debbie and the prosecutors to sit in front and
wait. So Debbie--

Squeak: Lemmee guess: Debbie parked her fat arse in the back of the courtroom--

Trix: How ever did you guess?!

Squeak: "You're not the boss of me!" The quote that got Debbie arrested her very first time.

Trix: So the judge dispenses with the other cases. Efficiently. Professionally.
Now it's time to deal with Debbie. The judge describes the basis of Debbie's crime:
Calling 911, making a false report. Debbie's waiving her right to a trial. Waiving her
right to be sentenced later. Waiving right to counsel...

Squeak: It all sounds pro forma. So what, exactly, is the sticking-point?

Trix: The requirement that Debbie agree to the psychiatric oversight of QRA.

Squeak: Aha, I should have known. Debbie always has been allergic to accountability.

Trix: The prosecutor goes through this long list of psych counselors that Debbie has alienated--

Squeak: Typical Debbie: stalk-harass-threaten everyone who has oversight, then demand they recuse themselves for being "biased."

Trix: Well, Debbie's lawyering got nowhere: she's still required to obey the psych oversight probation-condition.

Squeak: Anything in writing on that?

Trix: Debbie signed consent forms, allowing QRA to report whether or not she complies.

Squeak: Sounds like the seeds for the next battle have already been sown.

Trix: Pretty ironic, since the judge and prosecutors were merciful to a fault.
The prosecution is of the opinion that, with the right treatment, Debbie will
refrain from further wrongdoing.

Squeak: Give them ten years. Maybe they'll see the light. 

Trix: The prosecutors know a lot of people will tsk-tsk at them for allowing a
deal with no jail-time, but there IS a minimum jail-sentence in place if Debbie
violates her probation again.

Squeak: I suppose there's that.

Trix: And they've spared the State the time and expense of a trial. And
her list of criminal convictions just got longer...with the stroke of a pen.

Squeak: True. Well, Trixter, thank you very much for your time today. I hope you 
haven't minded being interviewed in this dusty parking-garage...

Trix: We'd better leave, though, before the cigarette-police swoop down on us!

Squeak: Sounds like a plan. This is Bobby Blueford, with intrepid reporter 
Trixter Lom, signing off for now...


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