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Friday, September 25, 2015


Eugene, OR (Sept 24)--Miss Debbie Frisch (a.k.a.Oregon Prisoner 1675174) accepted a settlement
with the State today in Lane County Criminal Court. Miss Debbie pleaded guilty/no-contest to two Class A misdemeanors and one Class B misdemeanor.

The judge arrived for Frisch's settlement hearing at 2:47PM PST. Then the negotiating between the prosecutor and Miss Debbie (peppered with invective and non sequiturs by the Defendant) began. Some HIGHLIGHTS of the Hearing, (including Debbie's desperate attempts to evade responsibility, according to various sources):

Prosecutor AMENDS charges: Prosecutor notes that original charges have been amended to include Reckless Endangerment (a Class A Misdemeanor).

Debbie plays dumb semantic games: In trying to claim innocence of harassing one of her victims, Debbie dumbly claimed "I didn't call the victims. I called the City of Eugene" (conveniently forgetting that some of her victims worked at the City of Eugene).

Debbie lies: "I've complied" with the probation-requirements for psychiatric evaluation and treatment, Debbie claimed, in the face of her criminal conviction in June for violating those very requirements. Shortly after arriving at a deal on June 10th, Debbie was, once again, attempting to evade the psych evaluation and treatment requirements of her probation.

Debbie blames victims: "The two original victims caused this barrage of crimes," dummy Deb claimed, disavowing any free will in the matter of her criminal behavior.

Debbie lobs false accusations: Since Debbie has several criminal convictions for making false reports, no surprise she'd try that idiotic tack again: "When I was patted down in my driveway, it was sexual assault," Debbie lied (hmmm, funny...Debbie went to jail on False Reports like that several times already this year...:P). Debbie also falsely claimed that the psychiatric treatment requirement of her probation "has been used to harass me" and claimed, histrionically, that "the prosecutor has personal animosity toward me."

Debbie tries extortion: When asked for a counter-offer to the prosecutor's offer, Debbie said; "I've filed a case in civil court. I'll withdraw the civil suit if you drop the charges. [You] should consider the welfare of the victims," Debbie threatened, presumably assuming that her frivolous lolsuit will get anywhere close to harassing her victims further. (Prosecutor demurred, saying he didn't have the authority to decide on civil matters.) Frisch also tried to submit a "Motion for Discovery," with the aim of "expos[ing Debbie's victim] to perjury charges." To which the prosecutor said: Forget it.

Delusions of Grandeur anyone? ;) Miss Debbie seems to think this flatulent civil lolsuit of hers will somehow bring fame: "I've got a good book and a good movie!" she declared.

But, in the end, Miss Debbie realized the evidence against her--and the penalty--would be overwhelming if she forced the issue to a trial. "Deborah Frisch," declared the prosecutor, "created a substantial risk. She falsely dialed 911. Through eyewitness testimony, the State would be able to prove harassment--and that Frisch knew her behavior was unlawful." To this the Prosecutor added the obvious: "Frisch is not a 'whistle-blower'; she has inappropriate contacts with people...In one case, Frisch yelled 'Fuck you!' and almost running down an employee [at a workplace from which Debbie had been banned] Tapes will be used as evidence..."

Debbie took the deal, which carries (provisionally) a 4-month jail sentence on each charge, to be served concurrently. Formal sentencing was scheduled for Monday, September 28.

Hilariously, Debbie concluded by playing an old page from the "I MEANT for that to happen"-playbook: As Miss Debbie agreed to the deal, she futilely tried to claim victory: "It works with my [frivolous] civil suit," she lamely said.

What will teh future hold for Debbie, her frivolous lolsuit and her latest jail-stint? Stay tuned! 

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She becomes more and more belligerent and less and less coherent with every appearance.
Who was that seedy looking guy trying get our names, in the courtroom? I didn't know him, but I certainly noticed what a bully he was to all of the ladies present.
I don't know. I didn't know him then, and I'd rather not know him now.

I've never seen that guy, either, but he gave me the creeps. He doesn't need to know who I am.
She looks like she has incipient meth face; definitely on the crazy train.
I'm hoping you meant the other seedy-looking guy. (Since I already know all your names).
And I wouldn't have been rude to you!
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dianna -

I have scary powers; nobody's rude to me. ;)
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