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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Teh Capitol (June 19)--In a Gerbil Nation first, President
Sinner used his address to Teh Nation to introduce a new
member of teh gerbil pwnage team: Kyle H., teh new
Director of Debbie Cyberpsyops. (Earlier story here.)
In his remarks to Teh Nation, Director Kyle announced
some Big News: "Debbie’s been smacked down again by
Blogger," he announced, and "[t]he blog at deenaye.blogspot.
...[is] now safely in gerbil hands. Give it a visit, and
enjoy the latest pwnag3!"

Director Kyle then speculated on the impact today's event
might have on Miss Debbie (a.k.a. "404"). "Will debbie finally
get the hint?" he asked. "I doubt it....Miss debbie, who calls
herself a 'decision scientist,' is laughably, inanely clueless
when it comes to making real-life decisions!"

Gerbil's watching Kyle's address cheered the new Director's
remarks, and gave him a hearty welcome to the fold. And
here at Teh Squeak, we look forward to writing more about
teh new Director's work, in the weeks and months ahead.

Morning Weather Forecast: Debstorm WATCH
(June 20)--Mediocrityologists studying Miss Debbie
at teh National Weatehr Center are warning gerbils that
an "it's-her!"icane may be brewing off teh YouJean coast
this morning. Whether this storm will be as extensive
as yesterday's is, as yet, unknown.

((*Hugs, Tim*))
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