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Wednesday, September 22, 2010



Eugene (Sept 22)--Oregon Criminal 1675174 will
twist in teh wind a little longer before being arraigned
on criminal charges that she violated her probation.

Sources confirmed today that Little Miss Debbie's date of
arraignment has been re-set to October 5th.

Frisch had originally been slated for arraignment today.
No reason was given for teh change in schedule.

True to form, dimwit Debbie still appears unaware that
her criminal actions have consequences. Just hours after
Frisch's arrest--just before 11:00am yesterday--Teh
Deb vomited vulgar and vile posts on her blog, and

Frisch also filed a frantic, incompetent brief for teh
Eugene Federal District Court
. Typical of Deb's
stupidity, she still fails to realize that her frivolous
lawsuit has been a corpse for over a month

Miss Debbie's arrest stems from her violent harassment
of various parties over teh Labor Day weekend
September 4-5. Deborah Ellen Frisch has become
quite teh bully in teh 18 months since her March
2009 conviction for drunkenly assaulting an
acquaintance in November 2008. Teh terms
of Frisch's criminal sentence included 3 years of
court-supervised probation

But it looks like authorities' patience with Debbie's
criminal habits of stalking, harassment, threatening
and assault and battery
appear to be drawing to an

Meanwhile, hundreds of blogsurfers popped virtual
popcorn and LOLed
at teh news of bully Debbie
Frisch's latest courtroom comeuppance.

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