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Thursday, August 30, 2012




Gerbil Nation (Aug 30)--A mere hours after news broke that Teh Squeaky Wheel faced
extinction next month, an enormous horde of gerbils mobilized behind teh scenes
to save teh squeakiest wheel in teh known universe.

GN Minister of Vice and Virtue Jerrie Atrick revealed he was gerbilly busy
sprinkling shavings on a New Cage: "I bought [Redacted for teh Security 
Reasons]...today," he said, "but we can also point tehsqueakywheel.com to
[it]. I've been busy today getting the site setup....Next week will be about
importing the blog archive files from thesqueakywheel.com."

"TEH WHEEL LIVES!" cheered John teh Baptist at teh news. Other Gerbils
were quick to squeak tremendous gratitude.

El Presidente for Life Sinner is 100% in support of Minister Attrick's work,
and has offered full assistance for a good, squeaky transition.


Thanks to you, Jerry, and Sinner for the effort. This is fine news.
Really? REALLY? You're trusting THAT guy with the family estate?
Cheers, Mr. Atrick and El Presidente!

Jerry -

Will there be crabcakes on opening day? (I'll bring teh gefilte fish...)
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