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Saturday, July 07, 2018

UPDATE (7/7/2018): 8 days out of the Loony Factory, Miss Debbie already targeting / harassing Colorado law enforcement [LINK]

UPDATE (7/7/2018): An alert tipster tells us that Miss Debbie began tweeting again (now dark) on @debfrisch on 29 June: "Have you seen the new activity on the @debfrisch account? Content fits her past statements but syntax/language/grammar are better than I would expect. Plus no cursing or made up words." This would mean Miss Debbie spent barely 3 weeks in "inpatient treatment." Some treatment!


July 3 (Gerbil Nation): Teh Daily Squeak today received an unsolicited email, in apparent
violation of teh terms of Miss Debbie's probation, levied nearly a month ago.

Miss Debbie's ill-advised email threatens to "assume and allege" that Gerbil4Justice 
is her long-suffering Colorado victim, if Mr. Justice doesn't "self-identify."

Reached for comment, Gerbil4Justice reacted with alacrity. While the exact words are
not printable in a "family newspaper," a cleansed version would read: "F[rick] that
bat[guano] [screw]ed-in-the-head [female dog]; I hope she enjoys being broom[loved]
in the Colorado State Penitentiary. And don't get me started on those enabling parental
units of hers..."

It appears that Miss Debbie wants another battle. The dummy never seems to ask herself:
"How did the LAST kazillion rounds turn out for Oregon Offender 1675174 slash Colorado
Offender 278185?"


Meanwhile, it seems to be a passing strange bit of a coincidence: Miss Debbie's
latest burst of stalking/harassing/threatening occurs nearly 12 years to the day
after Miss Debbie lost her job at the University of Arizona after threatening her
long-suffering victim's child... (Link 1, Link 2, Link 3). While instances of
Miss Debbie's reign of online error and terror can be found going back to (at
least) 2004, teh 2006 Protein Wisdom Threats were teh first time teh Real
World hit Miss Debbie with any sort of consequences for her stalking, threatening
harassing behavior. Though something tells us at Teh Squeak that Miss Debbie
still needs a bit of real world criminal justice edumacation...


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