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Friday, August 31, 2018

Debbie in flight after disastrous bail-mod hearing

Weld County CO (Aug 31)--Once again, Miss Debbie is on the run from consequences for her criminal behavior.

Tweets last night appeared to show Miss Debbie on the road and sleeping in her car (for teh record: a blue 2016 Suburu Impreza, ).

Debbie appeared already prepared to bolt when she phoned in to yesterday's bail modification hearing, held at Weld County Court at 3:00PM PST. She phoned in from a Dixieline Hardware Store parking lot; already in her car, presumably packed for flight.

The hearing itself was vintage Criminal Debbie. According to a Squeak correspondent on site, events unfolded as follows:
So now, Debbie appears to be trying to escape from her fate. It didn't work the last times she tried it (in 2016 nor 2017 nor earlier this year). But Debbie thinks it will work this time. Which goes to show: dummy Debbie never learns.


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Thursday, August 30, 2018


Weld County Court (Aug 30)--Colorado Criminal 278185 Deborah Ellen Frisch is on the docket today in Weld County Court. Several matters will be taken up before Judge Shannon Lyons at 4:00PM Colorado time:

Miss Debbie plans to beg the court for: 1) an allowance to travel outside of California, 2) money back from her defense lawyer, as well as 3) impotently and incompetently claiming that charges against her are "fraudulent." It will be amusing to see how Judge Lyons disposes of these matters.


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Thursday, August 16, 2018


Solana Beach CA (Aug 16)--Convicted felon Debbie Frisch continued her temper tantrum Thursday, while Frisch-watchers munched popcorn, LOLd, reported Debbie to her lawyer (et al)...and took up bets on how long Miss Debbie will spend behind bars this time.

Miss Debbie's latest tantrum has accelerated in recent days, the result of (as usual) Debbie's learning that she would be held responsible for her latest spate of criminal behavior, which began shortly after she was released from the Alvardo Institute of Behavioral Health in late June. Miss Debbie's stalking, harassing and threatening behavior against law enforcement and criminal justice officials continued despite repeated warnings that consequences would ensue if she persisted.

Miss Debbie's latest shitstorm is, actually, nothing new to longtime Frisch watchers. The only question is how long it will last before law enforcement slaps the CUFFS on Debbie (as usual).


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Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Update (8/15): Debbie threatens Hoge with subpoenas, Hoge LOLs
Update: WJJ Hoge, McCain mock Debbie on blog radio show...LINK

Solana Beach CA (Aug 11)--The odds of Deborah Ellen Frisch remaining free on bond until her sentencing October 2nd dropped sharply today, as Miss Debbie continued her 24 hour email-tantrum, CCing her spittle-flecked missives to various law enforcement and criminal justice officials.

Miss Debbie's lawyer decided he'd had enough: "What the hell are you doing...ccing [Weld County DA] Ryan Chun?" sputtered Debbie's (soon-to-be-ex) attorney. "I fully expect he seeks a warrant. I can't save you from yourself anymore."

One of those CC'd in Debbie's email-tantrum, blogger RS McCain, took the capitalist's opportunity and offered refreshments: "Say, does anyone want to order some gourmet popcorn? Because this is highly entertaining as a spectator."

As of 10:45am PST, this story is still (dare we say?) still popping


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Thursday, August 09, 2018

McCain: Email to a Lawyer Regarding Deranged Ex-Professor Deborah Frisch, Ph.D.
AUGUST 30 @ 4:00PM
Debbie faces STFU order; lawyer moves to quit...

Weld County, CO (Aug 8)--Once again, Miss Debbie's inability to STFU is catching up with her.

The Weld County DA has successfully petitioned for a hearing to consider three items:

1) Expanding the conditions of Miss Debbie's bond to include an order that she cease and desist her stalking, harassing and threatening the Weld County DA's attorneys and families

2) An order of protection specifying that Miss Debbie cease and desist stalking, harassing and threatening (thus far unknown) victims (including the victim whose complaint triggered Miss Debbie's 2017 Denver arrest warrant?)

3) A petition allowing Miss Debbie's defense attorney to WITHDRAW from the case

In response to the Weld County DA's petition (which included a 13-point Statement of Facts, no doubt enumerating Miss Debbie's habits of stalking, harassing and threatening the DA's office), Miss Debbie filed an (unsurprisingly) inept and incompetent reply "memorandum." In it, Miss Debbie laughably claimed:

1) She has a First Amendment right to stalk, harass and threaten people

2) She has a "constitutional right" to travel outside of California (despite the explicit terms of her bail conditions, which are fully appropriate to a convicted felon like Debbie)

3) She needs less oversight from Mommy and Daddy and her defense attorney (in the form of weekly affidavits); amusingly, Miss Debbie claimed that her Mommy and Daddy "illegally" possess the old 5 Acre Ranch, from which Debbie was evicted in 2015.

Debbie made a number of other false and stupid claims, but you can read (and laugh at) those for yourself.

Given Miss Debbie's complete ignorance of all things legal, we here at Teh Daily Squeak predict massive LOLs as Debbie flails impotently against her perfectly reasonable bond-conditions.

And her sentencing on felony charges is less than two months away, tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock...


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