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Saturday, October 27, 2018


2-4 YEARS!!
Goldstein Victim Impact Statement Seals Frisch Fate
McCain: "Let's Pray We've Heard Last of This Lunatic" 

Weld County CO (Oct 26 2018)--After 12 years of stalking, harassing, threatening and terrorizing every innocent person who crossed her path, convicted felon Deborah Ellen Frisch will finally receive a taste of justice.

At yesterday's sentencing hearing, Judge Shannon Lyons sentenced Miss Debbie to maximum prison terms (2 years and 4 years) on several felony charges. The sentences (alas) run concurrently, meaning Miss Debbie was effectively sentenced to 2-4 years behind bars. (A mandatory 3-year probation sentence is expected after Debbie serves her time.)

This will be Miss Debbie's first imprisonment in a State Prison facility. (Past confinements were at relatively cushy county jails.) It is so far unknown where Miss Debbie will be locked up for her stay; she will be processed at Denver Women's Correctional Facility while her "housing" status is determined.

Also unknown is whether teh Weld County DA will seek to prosecute other charges Teh Deb racked up during her 90-day crime-ridden bout of freedom this summer.

Members of Gerbil Nation, partying in an undisclosed online location, cheered news of Miss Debbie's greatest legal beatdown to date.

"So happy she won't wander up here for at least a few years!" cheered one Gerbil, popping a cork of cyber-champagne.

"Good to see some judge finally take her seriously," said another. 

In all, a very good day for law-abiding internet-surfers everywhere. 

It's unknown what teh next few years will bring for Debbie. But rest assured on one thing: Teh Squeak will be on teh case!

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Friday, October 26, 2018

Debbie Due For Sentencing TODAY @ 3:00PM MST

Weld CO (Oct 26)--Colorado Felony Offender 278185 Deborah Ellen Frisch is due in Weld County Court for sentencing today on various felony charges.

Teh road to teh justice has been an all-year affair:
Genuine REENACTMENT of Debbie's transport to Weld County. (Note: Ass in photo is smaller than Deb's actual ass)

Sources close to teh case are hopeful that Miss Debbie will get much-deserved state PRISON time on today's charges. On teh other hand, sources also note that (thus far) Judge Shannon Lyons has proved to be an unusually lenient judge in teh face of Debbie's chronic campaign of felony criminal stalking, harassment and threatening. (Would teh judge be so lenient if Miss Debbie were a cis-Mister?)

The disposition for a still-open Denver County misdemeanor warrant is, as yet, unknown.

Hat Tip: Teh Daily Squeak thanks Rick T. for updates to teh Debbie case in previous posts.


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Monday, October 22, 2018


Debbie Frisch booked at Weld County, 
Due in Court tomorrow at 1:30PM

Weld County CO (Oct 22)--Colorado Felony Offender 278185 Deborah Ellen Frisch has been extradited to Weld County.

She's been scheduled for a court appearance tomorrow at 1:30pm on her felony arrest warrant.

Since her arrest on 5 September in San Diego, Miss Debbie tried to resist extradition to Colorado. Her delaying tactics finally ran dry late last week.

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Friday, October 12, 2018


San Diego CA (Oct 12)--Felon Debbie Frisch remains behind bars in San Diego today, a day after another hearing at San Diego Criminal Court. Teh Court continued the case yet again, scheduling Miss Debbie's next hearing for Halloween, October 31st, at 8:30am PST.

Miss Debbie is being held the Las Colinas Detention Facility in Santee, CA. The topic on teh docket is, no doubt, Debbie's extradition to Colorado; there, she will face justice on her latest felony charge(s?)--and be sentenced on her recent felony convictions. Miss Debbie was supposed to have been sentenced October 2nd, but this hearing appears to be delayed until she is in Weld County's inevitable clutches.


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